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Thread: Missing service for video capture

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    Missing service for video capture

    I'm running TinyXP on the carpc. I went to install the drivers for a USB video capture device (to hook-up a rear view camera) but i get an error saying "the device did not installed correctly". On computers with full-blown xp intalls, everything loads fine and i can get an image from the camera but on two tinyxp (carpc's) i get an error. So i figure it's probably a service or driver removed from the tinyxp.

    I wonder if anybody may have experience this or have any suggestions.

    P.S. I checked for the "windows image acquisition" service and it's there running.

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    The image aquisition is the service needed for web-cams and cameras, so it should work ok

    heres a list of services removed from tiny xp:

    Beep Driver
    Distributed Link Tracking Client
    Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)
    Error Reporting
    IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    Indexing Service
    IPSEC Policy Agent
    Message Queuing (MSMQ)
    Network DDE
    QoS RSVP
    Quality of Service (QoS)
    Remote Registry
    Removable Storage
    Service Advertising Protocol
    System Restore Service
    Text Services Framework
    I dont think any of them are essential to cameras tho...
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    That's what a though.

    I will just try different camera devises and see..

    Thanks for your response.

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