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Thread: Guide to using FBWF on Windows XP Pro

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    Aug 2007
    Finally managed to get this running, taken a few installs and strangely enough I used the same files and .reg file!

    When FBWF is enabled, the pc on reboot tells me that windows did not start correctly and gives me the recovery options menu. I select start windows normally and all is okay but it does this every reboot when FBWF is enabled. I have disabled this menu but would kinda like to know if you get the samething.


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    When i started using my shutdownscript i never got that messages again.
    It writes down the open files so windows gets stopped in a clear state.

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    Thanks Nomam I will give your script a go, was actually just about to try it.

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    You can find my improved Version of the Script here:

    It includes logging and backup of files that could not be commited

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    Could someone tell me if you exclude a folder from FBWF, does that automatically include the sub folders?

    Or do you have to specifically exclude every folder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomam View Post
    FBWF works well when you install as described in the first posts.
    But it has some massive drawbacks in the commit function that should write files to disk:

    1. the commit cant create folders
    If you create a new folder while the volume is fbwf protected you cant commit that.
    If you install a software that creates a new folder an put files in there the commit for the files throw out an error
    So it is impossible to create new foldes while fbwf is active on the volume

    2. You cant delete files with the commit function

    Nevertheless i use it because its really fast.
    I added a shutdown script to xp which writes all files to disk when i shutdown.
    This can be done in the group policies. start mmc.exe and add group policies snap in.
    you will find the setting in Windows Settings -> scripts Startup / Shutdown.

    If it helps somebody, here is the vbs script:

    volume = "c:"

    Call DetectifActive()

    Function DetectifActive ()
    Set WshShellDetect = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set WshExecDetect = WshShellDetect.Exec("fbwfmgr /displayconfig")
    isactive = LCase(WshExecDetect.StdOut.ReadAll)
    If InStr(isactive, "filter state: enabled.") <> 0 Then
    Call StartCommit()
    End If
    End Function

    Function StartCommit ()
    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set WshExec = WshShell.Exec("fbwfmgr /overlaydetail") 'get the contents of the overlay
    fbwfoverlay = LCase(WshExec.StdOut.ReadAll)
    folders = Split(fbwfoverlay,vbNewLine)
    For each folder in folders
    result = 0
    dirstartpos = 0
    dirlength = 0
    grabpos = 0
    commitfile = ""
    If InStr(folder, "file") <> 0 then
    dirstartpos = InStr(folder, "\") ' returns the position of the directory start
    dirlenght = Len(folder) ' returns the lenght of the string
    grabpos = dirlenght - dirstartpos + 1
    commitfile = Right(folder,grabpos)
    Call commit(commitfile)
    End If
    End Function

    Function commit (file)
    helpchar = """"
    Set WshShellCommit = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set WshExecCommit = WshShellCommit.Exec("fbwfmgr /commit " & volume & " " & helpchar & file & helpchar)
    commitoutput = LCase(WshExecCommit.StdOut.ReadAll)
    End Function

    This shutdown script does not work for me. I've tried it a bunch of different ways but files are not committed. any help?

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    Many thanks for the script nomam. Will hopefully get a chance to try it soon.

    I hope you credited me in your post on iphpbb3

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    Thanks to craptree's instructions I have got fbwf working fine on a test system.
    The "windows did not start correctly" error mentioned above can be fixed by making the bootstat.dat write through (fbwfmgr /addexclusion c: \windows\bootstat.dat)
    Fbwf seems to work only when SP3 is present.

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    Anyone has Fbwf files:


    Downloading the entire xpe on dailup is really taking resource...

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    Hi craptree,

    Does fbwf support booting from read only media?

    Tried your method but booting display a error message

    "unable to mount boot volume"

    Technical information - 0 x 00000ED

    and the xp just restart and loop back again and restart.

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