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Thread: Problems with touch drivers in xp pro (nlite)

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    Question Problems with touch drivers in xp pro (nlite)

    I'm new in this forum and all this carputing stuff.
    i have problem then i try to install touch kit it installs successful but can't find touch controller. i use xp pro sp3 striped down with nlite and up to date drivers. on other xp home striped down version it works perfect.
    i think it have something to do with windows hid drivers and components striped down. i was looking over Google for solution and i found that mouhid.sys, hidusb.sys,... are needed for pointing device like touch screen.
    and that drivers was missing, but wen i coped in to driver direction i was having same problem.
    any ideas gays?

    P.S. sorry for my English

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    Quote Originally Posted by mind3 View Post
    any ideas gays?

    Does it show up in the device manager then? What if you take your XP with sp3 slipstreamed, and without stripping components out of it with nlite, installed it. Does it work then?

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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