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Thread: Order of Operations

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    Order of Operations

    Ok, so I'm finally getting into the setup of my system and I have a few questions. I plan on running a 1gb flash drive as my system with ewf/horm and a 120gb notebook sata for data files. first off where should i install programs? to the flash drive? with all the config files on my other volume? heres the order im taking...

    Install XP (either nLite or otherwise)
    Make sure all drivers are loaded
    Implement minlogon
    Setup all programs (where to install?)
    Implement ewf/horm
    Copy system volume to flash drive. try to boot?

    I've been reading everything i could find, but everything is in bits and pieces. I just wanted to make sure ive put it together correctly. Thanks.

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    most of the programs can probably be put on the flash except for the frontend. Which front end you planning on using? Navigation software?

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Currently I'm planning on using RoadRunner with Delorme Street Atlas. But I may splurge and just buy centrafuse because it'll be a little less of a hassle to get everything up and running. but for now i have xp installed, not stripped, with minlogon. ive installed winamp and roadrunner. and thats about it so far.

    So I should install winamp and everything to my root partition?

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