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Thread: Issues with HORM - Prompt at startup

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    Issues with HORM - Prompt at startup

    I am trying to get HORM to work correctly, however I get this prompt when booting up after resuming from hibernation on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc... time.

    The last attempt to restart the system from its previous location failed.
    Attempt to restart again?

    Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu
    Continue with system restart

    If I select the 2nd option, HORM works correctly. EWF and HORM works OK. I'm just trying to get rid of this prompt. Any ideas? I've deleted the bootstat.dat file already. Any help would be appreciated.

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    how to disable HORM boot prompt


    I have copied horm.dat(one that is not empty) and resmany.dat (just in case).
    I have started EWF RAM succesfully on disk C, discs D,E are not protected (one HDD).
    Windows XP Pro is starting nice <1min.
    Hibernation is fast, returning from Hibernation state is so damn fast <30s. I am so glad.

    My problem is when I enter Hibernation state, then I startup PC for the first time, it wakes up in <30s.
    I switch it off (power suppy), start it again, and there is a prompt during boot process asking for me to choose:

    >Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu
    >Continue with system restart

    Continue - starts from last state (wakes up from hibernation state)...
    It is nice... how is it possible to disable this boot prompt?

    Please help me... maybe I am doing something in the wrong way.

    Best regards,

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    bump need an answer, tired of my keyboard being on the pass seat....

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    did you delete the bootstat.dat file?
    EWF, HORM, MinLogon on XP.

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    I'm having the same issue. I noticed that if i put in just the resmany.dat file, that it prompts me every boot excluding the first resume. But when I add horm.dat to the root, it just boots like it normally would, not even attempting to resume from hibernation. which leaves me to believe its an issue with the horm.dat. i noticed syscorp said "I have copied horm.dat(one that is not empty)".

    should horm.dat not be empty? i just have an empty text file...

    also, i didnt delete bootstat.dat, but i renamed it as bootstat.dat.bak, which should work regardless correct?

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