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Thread: HOWTO: Modifying "Resuming windows" hibernation screen

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    I haven't. It was a one-shot deal for me. If I got it done, I got it done. If not, I really don't need it. Spent enough time running wires.
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    A screen shot of the file and location of the text would set this thread to golden
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    Quote Originally Posted by borka View Post
    After reading excellent posting about customizing text and bitmap on the "resuming windows" screen, here: Customizing the "Resuming Windows" screen, I made an extra step forward and found how to get rid of the ugly progress bar.

    This progress bar is made of characters 0xDB (full) and 0xDE (empty) from system "Terminal" font. All you need to do is:

    - Open "C:\ntldr" in binary editor (see the post above on how to do it considering attributes, safety and write protection).

    - Scroll down until you reach the area with all the text messages (it's in last 10% of the file, typically starting with "Windows could not start...").

    - From that point on - look for DB and DE hex characters (WARNING: the characters should be very close to the end of file, about 100 bytes from the end; don't let the editor to restart search from the beginning of the file)

    - Replace both characters with single space

    - Save, replace the system original "ntldr" and enjoy - you now have pure-plack resuming screen!
    I have been able to get rid of all the text, but looking to get rid of the bar also. I dont know anything about hex, and searching for DE or DB there are 100's of them in the file. How do I know which ones are which? Anyone have any better instructions on how to do this?

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