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Thread: HORM for dummies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFiorito View Post
    what problems are you having? yes, you can have multiple partitions. however, you need to unmount the other partitions when you hibernate so that the write cache is not saved with the hibernation state.
    I currently have a similar setup where I have the OS on the EWF/HORM partition and my FE(Road Runner)/Winamp on the other.

    The new carPC is still being bench tested, so I haven't fully enabled/tested EWF/HORM and hibernate/resume w/ my FE yet.

    After much research, I did it this way to have a stable hib file and so my FE can pick up where it left off, which is read from an ini file that is updated when hibernating. I didn't read/find anything about "unmounting" a partition prior to creating the hib file when using EWF/HORM on another partition.

    Could you please explain this? I would greatly appreciate it.

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    yes, you need EWF in order for HORM to work.

    See my site for instructions for both.
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    I found a problem yesterday that sounds just like that. I use a dinovo mini keyboard. I normally keep it paired with the internal bluetooth so I can keep the dinovo dongle free for my HTPC when needed (2 dinovo's, one dongle). However, I wanted to test it out by using the dinovo dongle kept in. It was plugged into a d-link powered 7 port usb hub. I kept noticing that it would go into hibernation fine, but when I would start up, it would be a cold boot.

    Found that after it went into hibernation, something with the dongle would wake it back up (probably legacy USB support that I leave on for emergencies). After it came out of hibernation, then it would shutdown cold. Removed the dongle, and everything was yipee skippy again.
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