Is anyone else running a USB drive as a writeable partition? Im running the following hardware:

-4GB CF on a CF to IDE adapter with EWF
-80Gig IDE HDD (just holds all the installation files for setup, wont be in final build)
-16GB USB Flash
-VIA EPIA-M 1GHZ Nehemiah
-512 MB RAM

The CF runs Xpe on EWF
The IDE HDD has XP sp2 on it with Target Designer

My problem is that if any USB flash drive is present XPe will not hibernate. But it will hibernate when the 80gb IDE HDD is present. So the problem isnt that there is an unprotected drive present, but that there is a USB drive present.

When you run either command to hibernate, or pick it from shutdown menu it attemts to hibernate but doesnt quite make it. Some programs close, then nothing.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.