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Thread: Is it possible to...

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    Is it possible to...

    To have my OS on the CF along with FrontEnd. Or would it be better to have OS on one CF and FrontEnd on another CF then have my music and movies on a usb drive.

    The CG adapter I am ordering allows dual CF cards. Any help would be appreciated as I am new to CarPCs.

    Would also like to know if HORM and EWF would work with this setup. Thanks Again. Dave

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    I tried putting a OS on a cf card. I advise against it because it is too slow. You may want to put an OS onto a thumbdrive (Linux easy, windows doable, look up online) My suggestion is buy a ssd or a traditional hard drive due to speed. Look up speed comparisons

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    I have no idea what a CG adapter is, or a HORM or EWF...
    With that said, if you REALLY need (not want, but need) more than one drive, then put the OS and your frontend on one, typically your fastest drive, and all your media on the other...

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    it'd be best to have OS and front end on one drive and media files on another larger drive.

    yes, HORM and EWF would work. in fact, if you're using a CF card you definitely want to use EWF. CF is plenty fast with the right card and OS customization. But with the prices of SSD's you're better off going that route. You'll save time in the long run.
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