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Thread: An easy fix for protecting unprotected partitions in a EWF/HORM environment?

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    Exclamation An easy fix for protecting unprotected partitions in a EWF/HORM environment?


    It seems to be the general consensus that an unprotected partition in an EWF/HORM enviroment must be locked/dismounted before hibernation and unlocked/remounted again once the system comes out of hibernation. Apparently this procedure is needed to to prevent corruption of the file system. Anyway, that sounded all a bit tedious to me (not even mentioning on how on how I would go about doing that) and I googled around a bit and came across this post on the Ubuntu forums: (Don't be put off by the url - it's actually a Windows application)

    This sounds like the perfect and simplest solution for the problem. But I'm not an expert, so could any HORM expert (SFiorito? ) weigh in on this and give their thoughts?

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    So, has anyone tried it?

    Of course I tried it myself, but it operates in the background and I'm not really an expert on HORM to judge how effective it is. That's why I hoped that someone in the know has some more insight into how well this tool works with an unprotected partition.

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    from the description, it seems like it should work. it's flushing the write cache upon hibernation, which is what unmounting the volume would do as well.
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