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Thread: Questions/issues on Horm and Hibernate

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    Unhappy Questions/issues on Horm and Hibernate

    gidday. i've done some homework here but I couldn't find what I was looking for.
    i have installed minlogon and it decreased the loading time about 10seconds but my pc wont hibernate or turn off properly and I have no idea about the weather it is minlogon issue or the pc it self...
    I mean when I push power button it start hibernating after about 1minute!!!! and I adjust hard off of my M2 PSU to 45seconds so before it goes to hibernate, M2 cuts off the power so pc never goes to hibernate and next time when I turn on the pc it wont resume hibernate and it just starts normally (sad).

    here is my question, is there anyway to hibernate once and resume many times? i mean i hibernate my pc once and after that whenever I cut off power at anytime even middle of work, it resume from last good hibernate. in this case I don't need to be worry about hibernating and the time it takes to save data and i can just cut off power when i leave car.

    by the way i haven't installed the ewf yet but i remember i read somewhere by making horm.dat on root directory it does the job but last week I did this on another computer but I had no luck :-(

    I would greatly appreciate any help

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    I finally managed to get this sorted by creating resmany.dat on the root directory instead of horm.dat.
    And there is check box in the RR configuration that I had to uncheck to make RR resuming music after hibernet.

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