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Thread: how to get rid of "other users are logged on to..."

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    how to get rid of "other users are logged on to..."


    I got my nokia n800 connected over rdesktop and usb networking to carpc and it works beatifully. Centrafuse even resizes screen to n800 resolution.

    The only problem left is I cannot shutdown carpc when I get my key out. M1atx sends poweroff signal to motherboard, but windows gets into endless dialog for confirming that "other users are logged..." (this is caused by rdesktop connection of n800), but I don't have touchscreen to confirm it (dialog is only displayed on primary screen).

    Any chance to disable this message in winxp? There is a registry hack for windows server 2003, but it doesn't work on winxp. Any other advice?

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    check is fast user switching is enabled in the user accounts at the control panel...

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