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Thread: Smallest XP ever

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    Smallest XP ever

    Hi all,

    I want the smallest XP install ever, all I want it for is to act like a old DOS boot disk and get access to NTFS drives to fix / repair I do not want ANY screen output ideally just drop to a CLI and I can move / copy files folders, this is why I thought of a small XP install to create a USB drive, boot from it and do what I need.

    I do not need Network, web, GUI or anything apart from NTFS access, hope someone can guide me on this.



    P.S. tried NTFSDOS,NTFSPRO,NTFS4DOS all of these have bugs or do not work

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    Your best bet may be to use a linux livecd, it would do pretty much exactly what you need, there are CLI ones that can do NTFS access.
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    What about using WinPE. or BartPE Either should meet your needs SNO

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    I would personally recommend WinPE for this job as well, Linux is another option. But depends what is easier for you to build/compile into a bootable USB.
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