I am in the process of upgrading (again) anyhow in my never-ending search for speed while still keeping with 32bit in mind for app/hardware compatiblity. new board Gigabyte z77n i5-3570 8gig corsair 120 gig agility 3 ssd. The hardware is great very workable and stable. Now for OS I am going with win2003 server enterprise edition 32bit stripped of most server duties, workstation hacks. This thing smoke's! I went the enterprise route as it can handle more than 4gig of ram and still be 32bit. I thought I would have to add the /pae switch but low and behold the z77n doesn't need it and see's all of my 8gig. This board has 2 hdmi and 1 digital out and is capable of 3 displays. I will let you know how it all works out as I go. SNO

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