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Thread: quick, newbie friendly, 2000lite tutorial

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    any one got a copy of the files? the link is down

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    Quote Originally Posted by choyak
    How possible is it to boot from compact flash? I got an epia MII 12000 and just wondering if I put the OS on the flash, everything else on the HDD because I think that flash can only be written 10000 times before crapping out.
    its possible if your bios supports it...

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    Seriously people, FDV's guide is nice and comprehensive. You can go to his main site >>> <<< and see the newest guides and download the newest files there.

    First, he uses SP4 now.
    Second, he has 3 methods "Basic, Advanced, and Old method".
    Third, he reccomends nLite for idiots who cant follow his mind-numbingly comprehensive guides.

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    I've read up on the above site, and while possible it's a bit too user intensive for my tastes. I used the tool from to create a custom install for WinXP, and while I don't know what boot time was saved (my first use of WinXP, no reference to compare), I can say at bootup at the desktop my memory use is 45mb+3mb for the task manager. Compared to my normal 84mb for Win2K, that sounds pretty good. HDD space used to hold WinXP was cut down to 350mb, but I had it at 250 with an extreme version that appeared to neuter XP down to Win95 functionality.

    Correction: Just looked at my memory use, was at 64mb, minus 22mb for FireFox and 3mb for task manager, 39mb to run XP! (give or take whatever fudging MS employs to make me feel artificially good...)

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