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Thread: Minlogon - wireless issue

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    Minlogon logs onto system, not a user account. so when you would normally connect to your house computer with winlogon you would be on a domain and have user permissions probably all set up. So it's a trade off, you can either boot fast or connect to your network fast. MSDN library has tons of info on XPe. You can get domain participation, but you have to build your own image, not just swap an executable. Others have had success with messing with permissions that I wasn't able to acheive. I chose simply to go back to winlogon. I never found the boot up to more than 4-5 seconds faster anyway.

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    Yea, I kind of figured that, I was just hoping that there was a way to make it work...I guess for now, I'll just have deal w/ the one way communication for now.
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