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Thread: Windows XP memory dump PROBLEM

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    Quote Originally Posted by oekundar
    Well, I appreciate all the input thus far folks. Below is what it says after Technical info:

    STOP: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005,0x8059231E,..........., 0x000000000)

    I didn't copy the last 2 sections but I recall the last one being all 0's...

    Giuliano or anyone...any help would be greatly appreciated.
    The first number tells me that the crash is what's called a Kernel Mode Exception, and the second number tells me that the problem is related to memory, and / or drivers.

    A good description of the bug check code:

    I would check your RAM sticks, and remove and re-seat them in their sockets.
    If you have more than one stick of RAM, try running with only one stick, and then add the rest until you get the problem again.

    If that doesn't fix it, you may have a dodgy driver that is causing the crash.

    If you're able to boot up in safe mode, chances are that driver was disabled while you were in safe mode, making the system run stable, but only in safe mode.

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    Thanks for all the assistance gents...btw Giuliano...Lawrenceville is ok with me...I've got family that lives off of 316 down in that area

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