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Thread: Another crazy mod: RAM booting XP (no, not EWF)

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    I don't know what to tell you bro... Actually...does your SDI disk S: use write caching? Check in device manager. If so, it could be that the files aren't completely written to the disk when you do the readpartition?? Just a thought.

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    XPe does only ~500Mb and requires a lot of trouble to set up.

    No more hassle now!

    Please go to to find an easy way of booting xp in ram if you have sufficient system memory. It can create a virtual boot-up ramdisk for you to boot full size xp in it up to 4 Gb in size.

    Diskless Angel XP also includes many other tools, such as shadow backup of your live xp while running, creating img and dsk image files for virtual machines, and a partition editor which helps you partition your hard disk and easily make bootable USB Flash disk, SD disk, etc.

    A demo version is available for download now.

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