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Thread: XP UltraLite (0.1.0a) - It Begins...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFiorito
    You shouldn't remove Windows Logon otherwise your system won't boot anymore, but that's not what's causing the Type Mismatch. It's gotta be some dependency that is missing or is a different version than what they used in development.
    True, so why is it an option?
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    Hey guys, sorry for the delay ... I've just been released for hospital after being admitted late Sunday night ... I'll get working on that error mismatch, I have an idea, but I'll throw in more intuitive error returns, I'm catching a lot as it is, but obviously not all.

    Also the source will be released in the next couple of days for people to jump on board with the development, it's VB6 dead simple to understand ...

    As for length of the system analysis time, 2 mins is normal at this current stage. This will improve as the component data files are refined.

    Winlogon is an option because I didn't pick up on it when I was doing the initial refining of the data files. As you have found there is also some components that should or should not be available ... let us no with the reason (it's not always obvious to me) I will remove it.

    For now, I've off to bed to finish my recovery and will get going in a couple of days
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlienEclipse
    Well i'm also getting Error 13 'Type Mismatch'.

    EDIT: To be more specific i found it does it when removing [ Windows Logon (standard) ]. It removes some components, then reports 'Type mismatch' on the Windows Logon component.

    EDIT: 'Windows Picture and Fax Viewer' & 'Users Control Panel' are a few others that casue the error.
    Well I am getting this error no matter what component I try to remove.

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    I hope it wasn't anything serious Odyssey.
    With regards to certain thing being filtered out. I'll start another thread. It would be great it you guys could post what you think should be removed and why. What perhaps only need a warning, and what definitely works well.
    I can define these rules in a seperate file for my app that creates the data file for Odyssey.
    The help would be appreciated.

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    Get well first. code later.

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    Hey OdysseyPC,

    much as we are looking forward to your updates, your health comes first man. Take a few days off, and return revitalised to take on the world.

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    Hi there

    the download seems to be broken. if someone is so kind to send this file to me, iŽll put it on my website and post the link.


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    I think the project was abandoned - it was decided that it was best to manually do this sort of thing as doing so automatically caused too many problems during installation of XP.

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    I had written a little app that connected to the XPe sql database that stores all the component info to remove them from an installation CD. It would search the install CD to see what components it was installing and allow you to remove them. It worked fairly well for removing components, but you have to know what not to remove. It'll show the dependencies and dependant components so that helps a bit. I used it on an nLite CD before I created the ISO because there's still a lot of junk left over (at least with the last version of nLite). I haven't tested it with the latest nLite yet.

    I haven't used the app in a while because I've been busy on my custom frontend. When I get some time I'll clean it up and maybe release it.

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    Any chance you could send me a copy SFiorito to see if its any help?

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