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Thread: XP UltraLite (0.1.0a) - It Begins...

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    XP UltraLite (0.1.1a) - It Begins...

    EDIT: 25 Jan 05

    For the prelude ... Want more space/speed then nLite 0.99.5b offers?

    Disclaimer (So needed for this type of application)
    Use at your own PERIL. This app may or may not cause sparks or cripple your OS. Me accept no responsibility, i'll point my finger at the other guy. Your to blame for clicking the "Remove Components" button.

    What is it??
    So the idea is to take the XPe database, extract the individual component information in order to reduce our XP installs further. Taking the style of nLite, incorporating the XPe information and you get XP UltraLite.

    How does it work??
    The real guts of it is the components directory, each sub directory identifies a system group, each of which have the individual component files (*.cmp) inside of them. The component files hold the registry data and files associated with that component.
    Selecting to remove a particular component would result in XPUL reading the respective component file and identify which files and registry data to delete.

    What does it need??
    Like all great apps has dependents, well only one actually, only cause I needed the treeview object to make it more intuitive. You need the beloved MSCOMCTL.OCX file in your system32 directory ... yes it should also be registered.

    So I have this rar file you told me to download, what do I do with it??
    1. Well unrar it to an empty directory preferably, it should unzip xpulite.exe and directory called components which contains a lot of subdirectories and subsequent files.

    2. Depending on your technique for starting an application you can:
    * Double-click xpulite.exe(for the lazy), or
    * Single-click xpulite.exe and tap enter (for the adventurous), or
    * Hit tab a few times navigate with the arrows until xpulite.exe is selected and then tap enter (for the hard core/mouse deficient)

    3. Firstly disable WFP (if it is on), it will perform a restart, repeat step 2 and now WFP should be off.

    4. Perform a system analysis. This determines what components are installed on your system. Then start removing components (ones you know are safe ) after that you can click the dreaded remove components buttons and hope your system restarts.

    So where is this zip file??
    Courtesy knubile

    Oh and as an opensource advocate, the source for XPUL is in vb6 and will be available when a more established host is found

    Is that all there is??
    Yes ... That is it, i'd appreciate comments and suggestions, gripes will be handled gracefully. But really, this type of app only get's better with user testing ... so let the testing begin...
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    Can not wait till Monday to test it. However, be prepared for my bug reports

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    u really need someone to host it.. that page is fuked
    how big is it?

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    Yeah, I cleaned my system real good after using that site...

    Anyways, the analysis works fine on my desktop, but on my nLite system it just crashes without any error message. What components do you use for building the file list? Do you use the FileSystem scripting object or something else? Whatever it is I guess it's missing in my nLite install.

    *EDIT*: Okay, it looks like the problem was that I was running xpulite from a network share. It needs to be copied locally. Also, it doesn't detect that I've got WFP disabled (via nLite install). Besides that, good job guys!

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    I get a Type Mismatch Error when I try to remove any component

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    the site sux, does not support firefox. If you post something for ppl to dl, needs to support REAL browsers. Some ppl like me removed IE from their pc with NO plans to put it back.
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    Ya. Heads up on that site. I downloaded the file with IE and boom! All this spyware. M$'s anti spyware tool is going nuts.
    I'll host it later tonight or tomorrow morning. Have to watch my playoff football! .
    Do not download from that URL in the meantime.

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    I can host it on my site and provide a link in the forums if you would like.
    PM me and let me know.
    Check out my hopefully useful site...

    It's still under design but it is functional

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    K. My Eagles are dominating. I had a chance to put it up now.

    Here's the link:

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    Guys - well impressed! Haven't tested fully but from what I see so far :-)

    Odyssey - could I send you some registry tweaks to possibly include in the next release???

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