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Thread: I just messed up my computer with bootvis

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    I just messed up my computer with bootvis

    I was trying to play with it on my PC, cause my carputer is upstairs. All I did was select New, then something else that made my computer reboot in 10 seconds. Nothing else. When it started back up, it froze at the boot screen and wouldn't move. I had to use winxp's "boot last good configuration" and I hope I could fix this.

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    Boot in Safe mode and then open BootVis and change logo back to default. Reboot normally. Mine did exactly same, must be a bug with BootVis and WinXP or something...


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    Hi Guys,

    I haven't seen this problem before, but I do know their are at least two versions of Bootvis for XP, it might be service pack related ?

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