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Thread: a way to modify the screen when resuming from hibernation?

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    "with tune up utilities for windows 2006"

    Which are these? and what is Windows 2006?
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    sorry about the windows 2006 Would be nice though
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    Editing the Pre Graphic Screen on resume from hibernation

    Download a Free Hex editor such as:

    make a backup of your C:\ntldr

    open up your ntldr and use "find" to search for either the "Resuming Windows..." or "For Troubleshooting and press F8..." text string

    You can replace each of the characters with another character or space but not change the length of the entire message

    save your new ntldr and replace it in safe mode, dos, or by turing off file protection

    I simply replaced all the letter / characters with spaces to remove all text from the screen. IE: All I have now is a simple grey loading bar without any text

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    I could not get the new, changed hibernation screen to work - anybody have any updated info on this?
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