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Thread: Pro, Home, Media Centre, Tablet, 2000, 98SE?

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    I've been using MCE and while I think it's pretty good for TV I don't think I'd want it in my car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lum
    Ok, so what advantages does MCE have over standard?
    Currently I'm liking tablet edition because it installs less cack to run on boot and has some nice defaults, but these problems can be fixed anyway if I decide to start messing with nLite.
    Are there any advantages to tablet (over standard) at all?
    MCE just has the MCE shell on top of XP home (I believe it's Home...). It gives you two things:
    1) The MCE shell for browsing photos, videos, music, playing DVDs, etc.
    2) Integration with the WinMCE remote.
    Other than that it's just WinXP.

    I'd agree that it's great for a home theater PC or somesuch, but not that great for a car installation.
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    I'd use an nLited XP Pro with a good frontend, its the n possible to have the best of both worlds.

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    Tablet PC is nice for HANDWRITING recognition....however, you can download the MS Table PC edition handwriting recognition drivers for Windows XP......only really usefuly if you plan on using software that uses handwriting recognition....or plan on writing one
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    I like MCE 2005. It has the RW Live FM Radio that I can not find anywhere else.

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