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Thread: nlite 0.99.8 beta 4 is out

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    nlite 0.99.8 beta 4 is out

    #0.99.8 beta 4
    - Compatibility page (under Components menu)
    - update: System Restore now dependant only on IE Core and Com+
    - update: Printers don't need System Restore any more
    - update: Shell Media no more removed with WMP
    - fix: Volume icon in Start Menu
    - fix: Default Language detection
    - fix: Full Unattended prompt for emtpy password or name
    - fix: Imegen files missing for IME in Chinese
    - fix: Some specific Timezones
    - fix: Chinese Font Cleanup
    - update: Media Player Compatibility Firefox plugin support
    - update: COM+ doesn't depend on DTC during installation
    - WSH suspended, small and needed for too many components
    - new component: Multi Processor Support

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    actually, it has been quitelly updated to b5 in the meantime.

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