Even if I leave it blank it still says, "the system could not log you on. Make sure your username and domain are correct." So even if I type in the correct password, or just leave it blank, the same message comes up. Even if I reboot the computer, it brings up the "Log On to Windows" dialog box again and giving the same error message. I can boot up to safe mode, which has the words "safe mode" in all four corners of the screen, but instead of windows icons coming up, just the "log on to Windows" dialogue box appears asking for the administrator name and password.

This morning when I read the following post:


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i hope im not pointing out something that everyone already knows..

i been tring to remove the big blue welcome screen from the start of xp and i finally did it.

firstly goto

start > settings > control pannel > user accounts

then in that window click "change the way users log on or off"
then unclick the 2 boxes.
usally this would remove the welcome screen but ask u to put in ur passwords and name..
so do this

start > run > type "control userpasswords2"

in this window. make sure the user that u use is highlited and then unclick the "users must enter a user name and password..." tab

and thats that. no more wlecome screen

it made it sound so easy to do. But when I unclicked the ""users must enter a user name and password..." tab", and rebooted the computer, that is when the log on dialogue box comes up---and now it doesn't every time I reboot the computer. There must be some other change I can make in the setup to get rid of it---but I'm not computer savvy enough to figure it out. Hope this explains my problem. And thanks for your time in reading this-