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Thread: XP Pro nlited not working with RR and Phoco

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    XP Pro nlited not working with RR and Phoco

    i think i am gonna get a fever, and this is after a non stopping 22 hrs of installing and reinstalling xp pro slipstreamed with sp2. i made 2 versions, one is the full packaged OS and the other one is the diet version which i took off most of the stuff that i need. i luv the diet version, from 550mb it cut it down to 167mb i think. install faster, boot faster.

    the problem is when i installed road runner, none of the buttons work. and when i installed phone control, it doesnt work aswell, keeps of giving me this error that i know i cannot fix. and so now i revert back to square one and reinstalled my windows 2000 pro, slower boot time, but its the only thing that works now, aside from my audio gateway in bluetooth that i still cant figure out.

    so anybody had any experience with this and found a solution, please post it here. thanks
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    Dude... You gotta post error messages if you want some help.. in this forum there's a post that I did in particular that has an nLite configuration that is pretty stable... try searching for that...

    nLite can be VERY frustrating and take a lot of time... You just have to be patient with it.
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    Start looking into xp embedded

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    XP Embedded too involved for what is needed - nLite does the job perfectly, I used to use XP Embedded but switched to an nLited system as its a lot easier with pretty much the same benefits.


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