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Thread: problems with win xp

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    problems with win xp

    So i have run Bootvis, in an attempt to speed up my boot time. When i have my carpc in my house i had it down to 25 seconds. Now when it is in my car, it takes over 3 minutes. This isn't 3 minutes on the windows loading screen, but instead the first 3 minutes are spent with the screen completely black with a few intermintent flashes of a diffrent shade of black then for 6 seconds the windows loading screen appears, then 5 seconds of the blue windows screen, then i finnaly see my desktop.
    i have a 2mb pci video card that is in the slot closest to my processor. It seems like it is looking around for the video drivers and keeps trying to test different settings. If it hit delete, it goes into bois very quickly so i know it is getting power after the 5 second delay from the m1 atx. Also when i shut off the car, the mobo never gets the shutdown signal from the m1-ATX, it just waits the 45 seconds then gets the old hard off. I have been manually shutting down windows before it urn the car off.
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    Thumbs up few ideas

    Two ideas on why you are having problems with the boot-up. 1. Have you checked the voltage you are getting. You say it works fine in the house but when you get to the car it isn't. Maybe you are shorting yourself somewhere. 2. Windows XP is funny about old, old hardware. I work with in everyday at a hospital and work with old PCs. Sometimes Windows XP just doesn't like it. Case in point, your 2mb video card. Just some ideas.

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    What has changed from the house to the car? PSU? Display? USB Devices?

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