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Thread: nLite Windows Media Edition

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    nLite Windows Media Edition

    I might be way off baises here and really this might not have anything to do with car stuff but it quite posibbly could. I was curious if nLite could chop down Windows XP media... I was in the office today cleaning some old machines and came across an old packard bell desktop and I was thinking of taking the casing home and turning it into a home media control center... With the MSDN package I have it came with Windows Media Edition and I have yet to play around with it and I was thinking this project would be the perfect oppertunity to do so... but then I was thinking.. HRmmmnn why not see if its possible to apply some of the features nLited XP has to increase performance of the machine..

    Any thoughts/ comments ??

    Since, XP media Edition is built off of XP i dont see that its a completely different animal. At the same time I've never played with media edition.. so I could be WAY off..
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    I took Outlook and a couple other odds and ends out of my media center install.

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    Should work, Media Edition is only XP with a few bells and whistles on top

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    If you only read nLite desriptions on nLite homepage, or do a search on nLite forums, you would realize nLite supports WinXP (incl SP1 and SP2), Win2k, Win2k3 and WinMCE 2005.

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