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Thread: [nLite] Widcomm/D-Link bluetooth drivers

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    [nLite] Widcomm/D-Link bluetooth drivers


    I have a nLite installed Windows XP machine (tried with and without SP2). When I install the 1.4.2 build 10 drivers for my D-Link DBT-120 USB bluetooth device, I get the following message during install: 'Insert the disk: 1'. The message appears when the installation progress status is 'Registering product'.
    From that moment I can press OK or Cancel. Cancel will stop the installation. OK will not work... I've tried all CD's (Windows XP, Windows XP nLite, DBT-120 cd etc, burned drivers on cd), but the installer continues to ask for the disk 1.

    Somebody an idea what this could be?

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    Do you have bluetooth support on the nLite build/configuration thats installed on that machine ?
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    Yes, bluetooth support is enabled.

    Is there someone else with nLite and a DBT-120 which is working?

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