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Thread: Startup Problem

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    Startup Problem

    I didnt really know where to put this guys so as it relates with the operating system I thought id stick it in here. The problem I having guys is that windows XP isn't booting up 1st time always. What will happen occasionally is that it will boot up fine until the Windows XP page comes on with the moving bar traveling from right to left (I think) and then the screen will go black. The next thing what should happen Is the XP welcome page come on but sometimes in my car it just stays black. Then Ihave to reset the computer and try again. Any ideas why this is happening guys? I cant find a pattern to it when it doesnt work it just seems random!?

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    driver conflict maybe? try booting it in safemode. If it boots up fine into safemode its probably a software related issue, if it doesnt, it could be either software or hardware.

    How long has windows been installed? it could be just time for a format.

    Did you uninstall anything recently that could have deleted something you needed? try doing a windows xp repair.

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    No probs If I do a repair jus to check I will still keep all my data wont I? Thats what drives me away from Formatting the drive you see. Im gunna get the old XP disc and try your suggestions, thing that baffles me is how random it happens and that theirs no pattern at all! Cheers for the help ill come back with my results

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