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Thread: Hibernation and memory size

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    Hibernation and memory size

    I finally got my hibernation work properly. But i was wondering how much actual memory size affects boot time (time loading hibernation file)?

    At the moment i have 600mhz Celeron with only 64mb RAM, plain nLited Windows XP Pro, no other tweaks yet. Lot's of services running etc. and i get boot time approx. 15 secs.. (pretty good though).

    So if i add more RAM, say example 128, or 256. Would that affect boot time greatly?

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    depends... figure that 90% of your RAM will be written to your hard disk. so the more RAM you have the more needs to be written at hibernation and the more needs to be read when resuming from hibernation. if you have a fast hard disk it probably won't be a noticable difference.

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    Ya, I'd get the extra RAM if you have a fast hard drive because you aren't going to notice a differance with such a small amount of RAM.
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