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Thread: minlogon with XP SP2

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    minlogon with XP SP2

    I had huge problems last night getting minlogon working not because of the program but because of the Windows File Protection.

    I finally got it working by switching it off file protection but I had to go a hugely roundabout way to do it and I was wondering if there was a quicker way

    This is what I did.

    1) Find old (SP1) version of SFC_OS.DLL hex edit it - will tell you the exact addresses to change.

    2) Start up in safe mode and overwrite original SFC_OS.DLL with the edited old version in both the System32 folder and the System32\dllcache folder

    3) Restart then Edit registry to switch off file protection again google told me what to do.

    4) Install the minlogon.reg file

    5) Restart in safemode (file is was in use) and overwrite orginal winlogon.exe with minlogon.exe but naming it winlogon.exe - in both system32 and the dllcache folders.

    6) restarted and it worked.

    I am thinking that perhaps I only needed to do steps 4, 5 and 6 - am I correct?

    Good news is that I've gone from a 54sec boot to a 45sec boot with no other changes.

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    There is an article written by Sforioto that clearly explains how to acomplish this task.

    Typically, we integrate minlogon on nLited Operating systems with SFC shut off right from the getgo.
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    I just boot into a recovery console using XP install CD. Then from there copy the files over and Windows File Protection will not interfear.

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    I am having this problem now.. I had great success using an Nlite'd version with SFC disabled.. I was able to go back and forth from minlogon to winlogon easily with a bat file..

    However, for whatever reason my SSD had terrible boot times with my Nlite'd version.. I installed regular XP CD and it worked great so now I'm trying to disable SFC..

    The mother ** will NOT disable.. I got the older version of SFC_OS.dll and hex edited it, copied it over both system32 and dllcache versions, rebooted, edited the registry, rebooted, and then tried copying over minlogon..

    Nope, once I rename winlogon.exe to winlogon.old it gets copied right back over.. I know I can probably copy minlogon.exe to system32 and dllcache so that won't happen but I like the ability to switch back and forth (for network reasons)..

    How can we permanently DISABLE SFC!?
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