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Thread: God and XP hate me

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    this was happening to me, luckily I had about 6 HD laying around... so each time it would happen I could just move on to the next drive... finally figured out that it was due to the subwoofer's magnet being too close... it was about 12", once it stopped happening the magnet was about 30" away...

    to eliminate the problem I ran a low level overwrite using an app from the HD vendor... it allowed me to reuse the HD even though the MBR had been fried...

    OS never mattered, I tried Win98, 2k and XP... all would screw up within a few hours of jamming... the MBR must have been the sensitive part, because I never had issues except for the reboot... never lost a single piece of data, but once on a road trip I did get a lockup and the reboot was the "missing hal.dll" crap... formats never did a thing until I tried the full blanking method... Seagates DiskWizard worked the trick after the BS started...

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    I know he already fixed the drive so it couldn't be this, but I was changing a large drive (also strangly a western digital) for my brother once and I was getting all the same sorts of problems you described until I changed it from primary master to cable select on the jumpers... It made no sense at all to me, but it fixed the problem so I was happy.

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