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Thread: EWF ntldr

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    EWF ntldr

    Okai im trying to get EWF going so i can get HORM going, but in the instructions from here it says to
    "Place ewfntldr on the root of your boot drive. Rename ntldr to ntldr_bak and rename ewfntldr to ntldr"

    What is this ntldr file? there is no ntldr file in the ewf zip, only the ewfntldr. But according to the instructions this ntldr file should already be in my root directory. But i cant find it and i dont know what it is.

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    In your root drive, C:\ should be a hidden file called ntldr rename that to ntldr_bak and then unzip the ewfntldr into C:\ and rename that to ntldr.

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    to see ntldr you need to turn on view hidden files...

    open my computer>>tools>>folder options

    'view' tab

    radio button 'show hidden files and folders' then see if you see it again
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    dont worry, there was another option that hides protected operating system files. Thanks anyways.

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