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Thread: AC3 and nlite (5.1 surround)

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    AC3 and nlite (5.1 surround)

    okay... can anyone help me figure out what i need to keep in my nlite settings for my AC3 to work?

    It installs fine... however when it comes time to play any type of media (music of video)... i get an error that the file format is corrupted and it won't play.

    And prior to installing AC3... everything played fine.

    And ideas?

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    What are you decoding AC3 with? AC3filter? What codecs did you install?

    I haven't had any issues. I run AC3filter and ffdshow.

    In Nlite, I keep MIDI Audio Support. That's the only audio-related thing I keep.
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    oh thank gawd!! okay yea i need some major help... i was ready to ditch nlite and run a regular OS...

    on my previous setup... i simply had a regular OS... installed AC3 filter v.70 and everything was fine. Enabled SPDIF that goes to my panasonic DTS. Everything worked fine, DVDs, mp3's and all.

    Now... nlited... i install the fraunhoffer II mp3 codec (so mp3's will play in media player). Works fine.... but as soon as i install the AC3... i get an error that the file format isn't recognized or something along those lines.


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