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Thread: Tutorial: Booting XP from a USB device...

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    What ever happened with this ? Were boot times ever good? Did hibernate get fixed?
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    Tutorial: Booting XP from a USB device...

    Hey guys, someone emailed me a link to this message board where a fellow by the name of Dietmar managed to hack XP into booting from any USB device by mod'ing the USB driver registry entries. I haven't had the time to test this myself, but if it indeed works it's a huge leap (IMO) for XP hacking. Others in the XPe community had tried hacking the boot order and CriticalDevicesDatabase registry entries before, but were never successful. This guy did it. There are still a few questions I have on how well it'll work with, for instance, ACPI (same problem there currently exists in XP and XPe when booting from a removable CF disk where ACPI freezes the PC).

    I'm going to be out of town for a few days so I won't be able to try it out until late next week. BTW, this is different than what BartPE does, which is USB RAM booting. This actually boots and runs the OS from the USB disk. Note that you could also use it with a USB external HDD which then removes the need for EWF.

    Take a look here:

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    This is definatly interesting. Great find!
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    This is the best news ever. Now we can use a small flash drive for OS and apps. That will fit easily into any case or be quickly removed to add apps. I have been looking for this solution for over a year now. Thanks for sharing!

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    Has anyone tried this yet?

    With WI temps dipping into the teens now, it would be nice to be able to boot from the USB HD and bring it in at night. I don't have a reboot switch yet, so I have to pull over and turn the car off to get it to reboot. Not very elegant.

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    I'm planning to probably in the next few days. Just too much stuff going on right now between work and school.

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    How about booting from an iPod nano/shuffle???
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    Quote Originally Posted by MobiTekLink
    How about booting from an iPod nano/shuffle???
    Great idea.....

    or any portable USB drive.....

    I have seen linux boot on a USB key..... (Damn small linux).... the board has to support USB HDD boot (most Epia do this). HP has a program called "HP USB Disk storage format tool" that will allow you to format any USB device and write system files....

    If you have the winxp boot image you should be able to write that to the USB key(the same process as making a bootable CD)......

    I hope this helps some.....
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    Has anybody done this with their CarPc?

    I was wondering if anyone has booted XP from a usb device such as a flashstick or a usb Harddrive?

    If so, I would like to purchase a usb harddrive and be able to make it bootable so I could use it with my laptop. If possible, I would like to be able to use my laptop as normal when it is out of the docking station, which is in my car, and when it is loaded into the docking station, it boots from the USB hardrive, which then loads tinyXp or one of the other mini XP shells.

    Would that work?

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    I've booted XP both from USB with both flash and a HDD. Works well and is fast. It can be a pain if you're not comfortable with registry hacking though.

    As far as what you want to do, it seems reasonable as long as your laptop BIOS supports USB booting AND supports USB 2.0. If it has a recent PhoenixBIOS or AMIBIOS then you should be fine.

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