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Thread: Removing power from harddisks without shutting down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthue
    I suppose the advantage with the blue wire is that when the car is running the blue wire is at 12v, then the engine is off its at 0v.

    With the ignition wire you just get a _-_ pulse?
    And there is no way to detect when the engine is turned off with the ignition wire?

    the blue wire has power when you turn the radio on, if you still
    use the radio - if not then you would have to use the Accessory Wire
    or any wire that has 12v with the car on, and use a switch and relay,
    the relay connects to a 12v wire running from your battery to were
    you need the power - the longer the wire the thicker it needs to be
    and the switch turns the relay off and on -

    but its just easy to use that blue wire - its run back to the trunk for
    amps and power antennas, and shuts off with the radio - why run another
    wire - just dont use that blue wire to power things, it might burn up your

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    Good! i'm going to create a web site to report on all my project progress, there I may post my recent circuit design for a startup/shutdown circuit

    My circuit incorporates two transistors, a flip flop, logic inverter, 555 timer, another transistor to drive the relay and a I/O pin from the mobo to trigger the 555 timer with a programmable delay to shutdown the main power relay.

    Proposed carputer:

    - Commell LV-650 mobo 128MB WinXP->CF
    - Custom ctrl board (8ch ADC)
    - Custom Delphi front end/hw ctrl software
    - Mot M12 GPS (on COM1)+Maps
    - 15" dash (non-inverter p/s hack)
    - Remote control (IR to COM2)
    - USB drive MP3 upload

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