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Thread: Xp-Mini Stripped Windows

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    Xp-Mini Stripped Windows

    I installed the stripped Windows XP by Experience, i can't get a network connection, is there a way to install network services with out reinstalling Windows????

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    You will probably have to format and restart again, I would use nLite to create your own image .... the Experience release may not have the networking components in the image and I personally prefer to use an image I know the contents of.

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    Yes, just stay away from those "releases"...if you wanna check them out you can do it in VMWare or not use them outside of that.

    99% of them are made with nLite anyway, invest 30 min on it is VERY easy...and then you will see how easy it would be to put something there that could be costly for the user.

    Mind you, anything that gets installed BEFORE an AV is much harder to detect.

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