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Thread: What software do I need?

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    What software do I need?

    Hi, I'm new to carputer. Have research extensively on hardware already. Now trying to deal with software but don't seem to see it anywhere here, unless I have been using wrong search "words".

    Qn: What software/s do I need? What is Frontend? What is Frodo? How do I have different boot-up page other than Windows? I am using Xenarc touch screen. When do I need a "skin"?

    I will be using a laptop with docking. Windows XP. Bluetooth and Wifi. GPS

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    You need software to perform whatever functions you want your PC to perform. If you want GPS navigational capabilities, you need GPS navigation software to perform that function, as an example.

    A frontend is a program that gives you easy access to different functions of your vehicle computer (music and/or video selection, GPS navigation, web browser, OBDII functions, etc.). FrodoPlayer is one frontend.
    The frontends that are written by the forum members are "skinnable", meaning you can make it look the way you want. You need a skin when you get sick of the way it looks.

    I suggest you peruse the FAQ Emporium and do some reading.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    the front end is the interface that controls other programs (software) that perform the functions u require of ur car pc... eg winamp is running in the background, but the frontend is the new user interface you will use to control it.

    so as far as software needs... (dependant on individual needs):

    A frontend (frodoplayer, roadrunner, centrafuse, see the frontends forum)
    PowerDVD (or windvd)
    some gps software (eg destinator/map monkey/freedrive/iguidance) (if you want to control your phone over bluetooth or usb)
    divx codecs

    for a different bootup page go to they have software that will do that...
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