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Thread: windows 2000.....xp

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    i have used both, seems that XP is slightly more stable, but as long as you have good drivers etc. you shouldn't have a problem. Win 2000 is less tweakable but if you have a half decent computer and all your doing on it is carpc stuff (frontend) then i dont think you will really notice the difference...

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    I use windows ME. It's great........

    .......Only kidding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haystack
    using lots of extra power and ram
    I have xp on 300mhz and 192megs of ram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigman1
    Heh I find this very amusing. My XP box has almost as much uptime as my linux and openbsd boxen. I never had it so good with 2000. I ran 2000 for years with much headache, and I dreaded upgrading to xp because of listening to horror stories. Most of those came from people I found out later hadn't even ran XP and now praise it. I don't run a default XP install anymore haven't since the days of jdeboeck's XP in 185mb and esp since early nlite versions. I don't use av,firewall,or antispyware on my XP box and I've never yet had problems. (Of course that could be the fact that I've got squid+privoxy+squidguard running on the openbsd box.)
    I can agree with this. I use my XP box as a server and it never has problems. It goes weeks and weeks without needing a restart, the only time I restart it is if I install something that needs it. I never get viruses, spyware, or anything else. Just use a different web browser like Firefox if you are being plauged with spyware. You are going to get spyware on 2000 too using IE.
    Ya, but I don't use any antivirus/antispyware. I'll do the online virus scan every once in awhile just to confirm.
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