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    paging file

    i have a problem with roadrunner music skipping when i use the navigation. use winamp 5 and mappoint. it seems like when the new items in the map load, it skips. is there anyway to have the two programs get in sync so they don't ask for data from the hd at the same time?(some sort of buffer) i think it may be due to my underpowered system as well. what i was trying to get to is will a page file help? i currently have 512 mb page file. i also added a 20 mb page file to both my programs partition and media partition. ( going to adjust these to see if they have any benefits)

    system specs
    hp 500 mhz celeron
    256 mb ram
    onboard video
    pci sound card
    c - windows
    hd is hitachi travelstar

    i did a search in here for 'win xp page file' and didn't find much. just wondering what everyone thinks and kind of opening discussion for the usage of page files in car pc's.

    i kind of feel that the page file will have little if any effect since the the data still has to travel from hd to processor

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    Set a static size to the paging file by making the min size and the max size the same. Doing this will prevent Windoze form resizing the paging file on the fly.
    Having an additional paging file on another drive or parition isn't going to help. Putting your paging file on a seperate physical drive will increase performance, however.
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    might have to try that. have a spare 10gb drive (3.5"). put that as slave drive and have a 512 mb page file. has anyone tried this? in theory it seems like it would be a good idea. how about putting mappoint on the separate physical drive?

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