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Thread: How to get a blank screen until desktop?

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    How to get a blank screen until desktop?

    Someone want to list the steps to get a blank screen from after bios to destop start?
    I can't seem to get rid of everything, xp insists on sticking something in somewhere.

    So far I've got it down to only displaying the smaller windows clasic loading your settings and windows is starting up. I just can't get these dialogs to flock off!



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    I wabt those screens gone too! I've set the Centrafuse splast screen as desktop background, black background color in the logon window, the boot screen will be changed soon, all i need now is to remove those dialog boxes during logon.
    This can be achieved by installing minlogon, but i was unable to config and run centrafuse after applying minlogon. Couldn't figure out why.. Maybe I have to apply minlogon first, and then install Centrafuse as SYSTEM user?

    Is it possible to remove those dialog boxes and still use the standard winlogon.exe?

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    Nevermind.. I found an option in nLite that removes all these dialogs..

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    Use msconfig, boot.ini tab and tick /noguiboot ?

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    FAQ: Boot directly into your front end

    Straight out of the FAQ

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