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Thread: minlogon mod problems

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    minlogon mod problems

    I am working on getting a good ISO of WinXP thats small and fast. Its not being installed on my CF just yet, still on the hard drive. So far I have used Nlite to remove a bunch of junk and have an install size of 1.10GB then after removing the paging file is down to about 450MB. I decided to try the minlogon mod to get a little more speed out of the boot up but can't get it to work right.

    Are you to make the file changes from another system (ie have the carPC hard drive installed as a slave in another system) or from the system itself? I tried to disable windows file protection to allow me to change the file but that didn't work. Even when the file protection error comes up and i cancel it the file reverts back to the original. I know this because the original file size is 420KB while the minlogon is about 20kb.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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    I know what you are doing worng... you are not reading instructions left here already by others.

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