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Thread: played with services now touch screen doesnt work

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    played with services now touch screen doesnt work

    So I "optimized" my services and it somehow killed my usb gps and touchscreen abilities.

    Went back through and set services to default settings....still not functioning

    Help PLease

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    And that is why you shouldn't go messing around in services unless you're 100% certain of what you're doing.

    First off... What OS are you using? NT? 2000? XP? Vista?

    You probably killed a service that controls USB, and the touchscreen is USB, right? After you set all the services back to their defualt settings, did you restart those services and/or reboot the computer afterward? The services aren't going to automatically restart when you set them back to "automatic".

    As a last resort, you could re-install Windoze. That would suck, but you can chalk it up to lessons learned.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
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    xp media center

    set everything to default, restarted pc. i donthink i restrted them all, figured auto matic would fix them at reboot

    reinstalled touchscreen drivers...nada

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    HID Service or Human Interface Devices is more than likely turned off.

    Also look at Plug In Play

    I know this is a somewhat old post but these are the common culprits of that
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