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Thread: problems with winxp sp2 lost local profile

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    problems with winxp sp2 lost local profile

    after changing my accelerater down in winxp and installing itunes to my computer, I started to have problems. when I restared my cpu windowa seem to start up normally untill a sreen came up saying. Can not find local profile with all my programs and apps on my desktop. when it goes to the desktop, it a new profile with some of my programs. there no music files, things that I have downloaded, are basically gone or hidden. I need to know how to restore or recover all the programs and files.

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    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>

    If you used the Administrator username, you may very well be screwed, but you shouldn't log into any Windoze machine as Administrator anyway.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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