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    Smile Vista

    One more advancement on my neverending quest of computer in the car, as some people call it carputer. I got the newest Microsoft's toy Windows Vista RC1 and installed it into my car. I have to admit I had some doubts that such action would work at all. You see, my computer is considered a little old. It's got 1GHz AMD Duron, and 650MB RAM. Nevertheless, I had to try it. Install process took really long time - over 2 hours. Installing all of the drivers and software, another couple. To my great astonishment, Vista ran without any problems! The final challenge was to make my Xenarc touchscreen work. The driver that came with my touchscreen display was Touchkit didn't work properly. However I downloaded the newest alpha driver from website and it smoothly installed on Vista.After reboot, touchscreen was properly calibrated and simply worked.

    Although Vista eats a lot of CPU and memory, the overall system is very responsive, I would say very comparable to what XP's performance is. To be able to run Vista on such old hardware and be able to install all necessary drivers and programs is a great accomplishment. Go Microsoft!

    And the best thing is that Vista RC1 is free and downloadable at


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    Good work getting it all running but...

    memory and harddrive hog comes to mind.

    What advantages does it have over XP for incar use?

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    well Vista does have the performance boost option when you plug in a USB drive..

    but I dont think the hardware requirement for Vista makes that worth it... with the hardware Vista requires.. you can make XP run VERY fast
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    what are you using for a front end

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