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Thread: Windows XP USB Stick Edition

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    Windows XP USB Stick Edition

    Hey folks,

    Found a torrent with the name of WindowsXP USB Stick edition, anyone else heard of this?
    I downloaded it and the image is 150mb.. Contains a bat file for installation and a cutdown I386 folder with all the setup and files needed for a basic install.

    Has anyone ever tried it? I might give it a shot on an old HD and see what its like but am thinking its going to be VERY cutdown.. possibly missing all the usefull stuff

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    Sounds like 2FastXP that was just renamed. 2FastXP was badged as being able to run off a USB stick. I never tried it because the developer's site said there were a ton of bugs - heeding him to go back and try to rebuild it again.

    There should be a new release of 2Fast soon. Personally, I don't mind TinyXP Beast Edition. It works well, and has a lot of features (including wireless support) built into it. My old 800 MHz laptop with 128 meg ram boots up in 20 seconds with Beast Edition

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    Thanks, I won't bother trying it then

    I'm new to this optimization thing - I just loaded up XP Pro and off I went. Will google TinyXP now and take a look..

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    go here to make your own image of XP to run off USB:

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    me too download and load it to usb flash. Yes its working but its really sucks.

    don't waste your time.

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