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Thread: problem logging on after nlite install

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    problem logging on after nlite install

    Let me start by saying this car computer is a never ending adventure.

    I partitioned my drives, and installed nlite on the 2nd drive. Now when my computer boots up and I get to the logon screen, it says invalid user ID.... this is because it is trying to log on as "adminstrator" and not my user ID "J-Car"

    I tried to go to RUN: control userspasswords2 ... but since I nlited my Windows dir... nothing is coming up

    I went to control panel/user accounts... and disabled the welcome screen and fooled with settings.

    if anyone can offer advice on how to get around this issue, ill greatly appreciate it


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    sounds like you took something vital out when you nlited xp.
    or you can take the short cut and do the Minlogon.exe mod. that should eliminate the welcome screen all together.
    i hope that helps.

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