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Thread: What not to remove?

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    What not to remove?

    Hey everybody.

    I have been following this site, this section of the forums specifically, and it has been a great help in constructing my poor man's carputer. Thank you.

    Now, I have a question: basically, what specific files in system32 not to delete to have a few programs work...

    Server Service
    Wireless Zero Configuration
    Winamp w/ DirectSound Output

    For the uninitiated, Autohotkey is an excellent hotkey/scripting program. I have it boot as my shell, then it automatically runs Winamp and LCDSmartie... and it maps all my USB numberpad buttons to do neat things. I even have super secret key combinations that do nifty stuff like disable EWF and enable wireless networking. Highly recommended.

    So, those are the only things I need. Everything else can go. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, how do I figure out what specific files that a device's driver uses (i.e. sound card)?


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    Search these forums. There are a number of links to sites with comprehensive lists of serices and their functions to help you determine what to disable.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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