I have a m10000 and my system runs roadrunner really fast. What version of RR are you running? Try the alpine skin, its what i use and has no flash at all. Sounds to me like you may have something in RR misconfigured, could be something as simple as a typo in one of your file or application paths. From the sounds of things (like not knowing how to find hidden files) you are kind of a newb with XP in general. Go over all your settings in RR, make sure your using the classic skin in winamp, and make sure you have flash installed if your using a flash skin. I know that the flash skins will draw 100% cpu if you have improper flash installed. Either way I know its not an issue with the m10000 and RR, cause i use them together everyday. Its gotta be something in your software config, keep tying you'll fix it ")